A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Fuel Tank With Trailer

Are you looking to purchase a fuel tank with trailer and unsure of how to proceed? The greatest initial step is to keep yourself educated about the fuel tanker options available on the market and any potential future trends that could influence your choice. You should purchase a vehicle that will be capable of handling both your current needs and any future adjustments to your duty.

As the top business in South Africa, Fueltrailers manufactures tanks and trailers for sale in South Africa using only the finest materials that follow industry requirements. Our mission is to assist clients in selecting the appropriate tanks and trailers for their needs. In light of this, we’ve put together some useful data you ought to take into account before making your final decision. When you’re ready to look at Tankers for Sale In South Africa, get in touch with our sales department for more information.

Steps To Consider While Choosing The Fuel Tank With Trailer

fuel trailers the transport

The Transport

Several fluids are transported using tanks and trucks. These liquids require various trailer bodies since they are chemicals. When it comes to fuel tanks with trailers, such as gasoline and diesel, you should consider carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy trailers. Because they don’t contaminate liquids, are lightweight, and are simple to clean, aluminum trailers are typically used to transport liquids like edible oils.

Tank Form

Regarding the design of tank trailers, you have a few different choices. As a result of their height, they typically have an elliptical, rectangular, or circular geometry. A model with a lower center of gravity is what you should seek if you don’t want an extremely long trailer but still need a lot of storage. Make sure you are aware of how the shape of your trailer may affect this since a lower center of gravity improves vehicle stability.

Size Of The Tank Trailer’s Body

A robust tank body is required to convey large volumes of any liquid. The thickness of the tank trailer affects not only the general security of your goods but also how long they will last. You want your trailer to last for many years and not need to be replaced frequently. As a general rule, steel trailers should have a thickness of 12-gauge, stainless steel ones of 14-gauge, and aluminum tank trailers of 1/8-inch.

Quality Criteria

You want to make certain that the tank trailer you buy is a high-quality item, just like when you buy any other vehicle. You can determine if there is a sufficient testing process and accountability mechanism in place. Verify that the raw materials used to produce the trailer metal adhere to the necessary criteria because any deviation from those norms could be dangerous. The weld types and the flanges can be used to determine the level of craftsmanship. They deal with a lot of road strain, so they have to be compliant.

Suitable Testing

fuel trailerstesting
You’ll come across the phrase “Statistical Process Control” (SPC) when browsing tank trailers for sale. Using this technique, the company tests selected samples to evaluate the trailers’ quality. That can be dangerous, especially when it comes to fuel tanks with trailers. This is because you might get a faulty one that wasn’t thoroughly tested and costs you money in the long run.

Safety Attributes

You need to be sure your tank trailer can withstand an accident because it will be driven a lot. You must inspect the emergency valve to ensure that it does not leak even after an impact. Check the electrostatic elimination device when inspecting gasoline tank trailers since sparks and fuel might be a deadly mix. Verify that the manufacturer performs pressure and leakage tests. The trailer needs to be well-coated to fend off corrosion and the damaging effects of sea salt or road salt.


When looking for tank trailers, it’s also vital to take other factors like capacity, standards, and certification needs into mind. If you’re ready to discover some of the most reliable fuel tanks with trailers for sale in South Africa, then contact the Fueltrailers team.

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