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Fuel Trailers & Tankers (FUELTRAILERS PTY LTD) first opened for business in 2005, and our enterprise has strived to produce and supply nothing but the finest trailer and tanker products since its inception. When Gerald B, our founder, first built a single 200 Liter petrol tanker unit for his own use, he knew not that his actions were laying the foundation for the emergence of a new industry leading business. The skill and ingenuity he showed in his design and execution led to the creation of the business. From humble beginnings, one man’s creative spark ignited the flame of success that now stands as the business behind Trailers & Tankers, the South African business world’s one stop shop for tanks and tanker trailers, vehicle trailers, event & production trailers, as well as flatbed trailers and a huge array of customisation options to form uniquely manufactured custom trailers and other products.

From a humble start in the confines of Gerald’s own home, to the business’s temporary home in a rented carport, Trailers & Tankers has evolved over the years as the demand for their high quality tankers increased. The business finally changed locations in 2014 after Gerald resigned from his previous job at Large Automotive Spares Co in order to pursue his Trailers & Tankers venture full time. The business’s new home was set up in a 60 square meter workshop. With the new space for growth, this was a key moment for Trailers and tankers officially marking their entry into the market as serious competitors.

Today, we can proudly say that we are the number one supplier of Trailers & Tankers in South Africa. We pride ourselves on continuing our vision of producing and supplying convenient, economical, simple to use Trailers & Tankers that meet the most stringent and discerning quality control criteria. This cements our position as industry leaders in the manufacturing of  tanks and tanker trailers, vehicle trailers, event & production trailers, flatbed trailers as well as other related products, including custom trailers tailored to our clients’ needs.

We use high quality materials, including corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel for many of our products, as well as carefully chosen plastics made from resistant plastic polymers. From the very first tanker built by Gerald to the wide array of industry standard products we now manufacture and/or distribute, our company philosophy has placed quality above all else. Our place as industry leaders in tankers and other specialty trailers is something we’ve earned through years of exceptional service delivery and quality control.

There’s a reason big companies trust Trailers & Tankers for all their tank and trailer requirements, from Massmart to Checkers and even Eskom, the biggest names in business use our products.

“There’s not an insurance company or mining house that doesn’t use our products in S.A.”

When you go with Trailers & Tankers, you go with South Africa’s number one supplier of high quality Trailers & Tankers. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with doing business with SA’s #1 trusted Trailer and Tanker builders.

Our Mission

Our business philosophy is that building long lasting relationships with our clients by earning their loyalty is the best way to thrive in today’s climate, which is plagued by cheap imitation products.

Provide quality, and loyalty will follow. We have countless customers and a happy and regular clientele that do business with us, showing that our approach of putting quality at the forefront has not gone unnoticed.

Make an investment in the growth of your business by starting your relationship with our enterprise. See for yourself the long term value our maintainable and durable products can add.

The average lead time on one of our quality trailer builds is 7 days* (*dependent on order size, material availability and order book status). As a showcase of our confidence in our quality, all our trailers carry our 12 month stem to stern guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction, and make doing business with us a guaranteed win-win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the highest quality Food grade Stainless Steel for the construction of tanks that Carry food items such as Drinking Water, Milk, Blood, Honey etc

Diesel can be transported or stored in various types of tanks from Plastic tanks, Miild Steel Tanks (diesel only), and Stainless Steel Tanks. This is dependant on the time period and weather conditions. Contact us for advice on the best Tank or Tanker Trailer for Diesel.

We are the only trailer company that provides a FULL 12 month warranty on everything, from stem to stern.
Of course we can build atank on a bakkie or truck. We also have standard Tanks that fit perfectly on various Bakkies. Get in Touch to fit a Tank on your Truck or Bakkie.
Petrol can only be transported or stored in Stainless Steel Tanks. Contact us to order your Petrol Tank or Petrol Tanker Trailer.
Water can be transported or stored in both Plastic Tanks, Food Grade Stainless Steel Tanks. Contact us for advice on the best Water Tank or Water Tanker Trailer.
The average lead time on one of our quality trailer builds is 7 days* (*dependent on order size, material availability and order book status)


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