Mobile Light TowerMobile Light Tower

Mobile Light Tower

Mobile Light Tower brighten your workspace to increase workforce productivity and safety while working in the dark on construction projects. We’ve made sure that our mobile light towers are both strong and energy-efficient in their design. These devices exist in many different shapes and sizes, and the mast may be raised to a height of 8 meters.

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These units are offered in several sizes and models, including:

  • SOLAR has a 16-hour runtime when powered by four 500-watt lights.
  • DIESEL has four 500-watt lights and runs for 36 hours on a 50-liter tank of diesel.
  • Mast has a maximum 8 meter extension,
  • It is possible to install a mechanical or hydraulic mast.
  • Additionally, the device can be fully automated to start and stop on its own.

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